About the Library

About us

As a specialised academic library, the Hans-Dieter Klingemann Library pursues three primary objectives, all of them directly concerning the academic life of students and teachers at Berlin International:

1. Supplying Specialised Information. In accordance with the study programs of Berlin International, the Klingemann Library collects and makes accessible print & digital literature organised in the following sections and sub-sections:

2. Promoting Information Literacy. With its workshops, guided tours and online systems, the Klingemann Library contributes to the proficiency of students and faculty in the tasks of identifying informational needs and using techniques for efficient searching, evaluation and organisation of knowledge.

3. Serving as Institutional Memory. A key aspect of the Klingemann Library's collection development policy is the acquisition of printed and digital works produced by Berlin International members (students and staff), which are collected in the BI Institutional Bibliography. This includes theses and book publications, journal articles and book chapters, research and working papers.

The Klingemann Library's holdings are searchable in our OPAC (OPAC = Online Public Access Catalog) and in the union catalogs KOBVKVKZDB.

Our library is not open to the general public. To all BI members, it offers a pleasant learning environment with study desks for single and group work, computers, free wifi and a self-service multifunction copy machine. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use and Library Regulations.

Code of Conduct - General Agreements

The library is a shared space, so we ask everyone to be conscious of and respectful of others while using it.

With that in mind, students and faculty are asked to observe the following agreements. These agreements supplement the university's general Code of Conduct.

Everyone may:

Patrons (that's you) are discouraged from:

Finally, when leaving, we kindly ask you to:


Teaching & exam periods:  Mon-Fri 8:30-20:00 hours
Semester breaks:     Mon-Fri 8:30-17:00 hours