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Code of Conduct - General Agreements

The library is a shared space, so we ask everyone to be conscious of and respectful of others while using it.

With that in mind, students and faculty are asked to observe the following agreements. These agreements supplement the university's general Code of Conduct.

Everyone may:

  • bring their jackets, coats and bags
  • speak louder than in most other libraries, but please be respectful of other library users, especially those studying quietly
  • consume drinks, but from stable and tight closable containers please
  • listen to music, but please use headphones

Patrons (that's you) are discouraged from:

  • eating
  • talking on the phone

Finally, when leaving, we kindly ask you to:

  • put all books or journals on the book trolley's bottom shelf
  • shut down computers
  • leave tables and chairs tidy