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Searching for articles

Academic Search Engines

Using an academic search engine is a convenient way to search across many databases and journals at once, and while academic search engines sometimes link directly to full-texts, you will often need to find an article using EZB or DBIS once you have the citation.

Advantage: The ability to search thousands of journals at once.

Disadvantage: Doesn't always offer full-text of citations.

Google Scholar

Microsoft Academic





Another option is to search for your topic directly in a database. The advantage of this is that you don't need to search for the full-text after finding an article that's relevant. On the other hand, you may need to perform that same search in several databases.

Advantage: Full-text is immediately available to view / download.

Disadvantage: Only searches the journals available in the database being searched.

Discovery Systems

Discovery systems try to combine the two search methods described above by searching across many databases at once AND providing full-text access. Barbaros Library provides a discovery system that can be used to search most of their collections at once. Click here for more information.

Advantage: Searches many databases at once and provides access to full-text.

Disadvantage: Only searches the collections of one institution and cannot be integrated with all databases.