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Searching for articles

Journals / Journal Articles

Discovery Systems Discovery systems try to combine the two search methods described below by searching across many databases at once AND providing full-text access. Barbaros Library provides a discovery system that can be used to search most of their collecti...

Faculty of Business Administration

By Faculty

See the DBIS subject overview for a comprehensive list of business and economics sources. Case Studies Business Source Complete  Among other sources, Business Source Complete provides tens of thousands of case studies. Emerald Case Studies A growing digit...

Faculty of Architecture and Design

By Faculty

See the DBIS subject overview for a comprehensive list of architecture and design sources. Directories Architektenkammer Berlin [Berlin Chamber of Architects] - Member Search Offers search of members of the Berlin Chamber of Architects; including architects...

How to renew books

How to borrow / renew books

Books can be renewed up to two times. To renew a book, contact the library, or follow the steps below. Log into your account Select Renew under Your Summary Please note: Items may only be renewed within three days of their due date, and only if the item i...

Using local / regional libraries

Journals / Journal Articles

How to reset user password

How to borrow / renew books

If you can't remember your user credentials from when you initially set up your library account, it's easy to reset your password using your BI email. Unfortunately, other BI user accounts (either email or OIS) are not currently synchronised with our library ...

Developing a search strategy

How to search

Step 1: Examine your question The first step is to define what your question is. You may already have been given your assignment title, but you still need to ensure that you thoroughly understand it. This includes: understanding all of the terms in your q...

Accessing eBooks from the library's catalogue (OPAC)


Some eBooks can be accessed directly from the library's catalogue (OPAC) by clicking on 'Click to view' beside the 'Online resources' field. This will take you to the platform of our eBook vendor, ProQuest eBook Central, where you can view the eBook online ...

Creating Citations & Avoiding Plagiarism


What are citations? Citations are addresses. They tell readers where to find a specific piece of research. Think of a postal address. There are certain pieces of information that must be included and they must be presented in a certain order (format) so that...

How to submit a purchase request / suggestion to the library

Purchase suggestions / requests

Students and faculty members may make purchase requests by clicking here or using the steps below. Log into your library account From the library's catalog (OPAC), click LOG IN in the upper right corner. Once logged in, move to the next step. If you do not ...

Accessing BAU Resources

Journals / Journal Articles Partnership: Barbaros Library Journals ...

Through a partnership with Bahçeşehir University (BAU),  BI students and faculty members have access to dozens of research databases, containing millions of items. To access these materials, BI students must use their OIS credentials for authentication. Pleas...

Open Access (OA)

How to search

Open Access (OA) in Academic Publishing: An Overview for Users Open Access (OA) is a transformative model of academic publishing that allows for free, unrestricted access to scholarly research and outputs. This paradigm shift from the traditional subscripti...

Making the most of Generative AI (ChatGPT etc.)

How to search

Citation and Attribution If you decide to incorporate generative AI tools into your assignments, academic projects, or any written work you plan to publish, it's crucial to carefully consider how you give credit to and cite the results generated by these tool...

Citation Examples: APA


It is recommended to use Citation Management Software such as Zotero to store your sources and generate bibliographies. Overview Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) APA: How to Cite ChatGPT Released April 7, 2023 When including AI-generat...

Citation Examples: Chicago


It is recommended to use Citation Management Software such as Zotero to store your sources and generate bibliographies. Chicago style refers to the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition (CMOS 17). Citing sources in this style consists of two parts: An in-...